Columbus Marketing Agency PR Brigade Announces Name Change to Civilis Marketing

Digital marketing firm PR Brigade is pleased to announce its name change to Civilis Marketing. The new name better reflects the type of customized relationship-based marketing services the company provides to dynamic businesses across North America. Latin for “civilized,” Civilis represents an understanding that valuable business relationships require a human connection. President of Civilis Marketing, … Continue Reading


Quit Talking AT Potential Clients: Make Marketing Effective, Not Efficient

Advances in technology have helped make amazing strides in modern business relationships. Unfortunately, not all of its uses have been positive. There has been a trend toward the automation of customer interactions that have made them much less personal and meaningful. This is because technology can be used for two different (and often competing) purposes: efficiency and … Continue Reading


Marketing Automation: What Is It and Do I Need It?

Marketing automation is a big buzzword these days. It’s being touted as a silver bullet that can alleviate a myriad of marketing woes. The very term, Marketing Automation, could lead one to believe that marketing can, indeed, be automated. But wait, not so fast. Technically speaking, marketing automation is a type of technology that allows for the … Continue Reading


The Evolution of the Technological Relationship

No question, our communication mediums have come a long way—and so have we. That’s because whenever those mediums change, they take us along for the ride. We’re forever linked. Let’s take a look at media of the past and present, and how they figure into a recent and multi-faceted development for us in the digital … Continue Reading



How to Capitalize on Your Marketing Success

Look, we’re business people too. Ironically (given the business we’re in), we too have had our fair share of marketing and advertising failures. Over the years, through our own foibles as well as through those of our many clients—we’ve learned that there are no marketing silver bullets. To drive leads and ensuing revenue, success will be found … Continue Reading



Get Real: Build Business Relationships with Effective Social Media Messaging

Despite Michael Corleone’s assertion that “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business,” every aspect of business is personal. When people know about you, like you, and trust you, your business thrives. When they don’t, business suffers. Building a successful business is all about building trust, connections, and rapport with your customers and prospects. And without a strong relationship – … Continue Reading


Building Authentic Relationships in Digital Channels—It Can Be Done

We are often asked whether it’s truly possible to establish and build genuine 1-to-1 relationships in digital channels.  After all, for decades our telephones, inboxes, and snail-mailboxes have been overwhelmed by an onslaught of meaningless junk, and all that noise has made us downright numb to any meaningful messages that might be buried in there. … Continue Reading