The New Marketing Paradigm

Today’s digital technology has brought about a sea change in how businesses and prospects interact. Unlike the old days of marketing, where a business was (largely) in control of the way their image was projected to the outside world, today’s marketing paradigm has the consumer in the proverbial driver’s seat.  It’s the consumer who now … Continue Reading


What’s Lost (and Can Be Regained) with Virtual Communication

The advantage of digital marketing is reach. You can reach so many people so often, so fast, and (if you know what you’re doing) so effectively. But at what cost? And I don’t mean financial cost. I’m talking about the potential relationship cost. We’re social creatures after all. So, what can happen to relationships—personal and … Continue Reading


It Takes a Village: Writing for Social Media Marketing

Interactive marketing—especially when using social media platforms—has become a powerful and proven way to engage customers and build relationships that can be converted into sustained, profitable business growth. The downside of marketing through social media? Just this: Social media channels are hungry critters. They constantly crave inventive, informative, original content—not recycled “filler.” If you don’t … Continue Reading


How to Come Up with Blog Article Topics

Your blog is a beast that needs constant feeding. Coming up with an ongoing stream of fresh, new ideas that your readers find valuable can be a challenge. Is it possible to have it both ways—frequent, fresh content that’s compelling, too? It is. Use these guidelines to help get you started. What’s useful to your … Continue Reading


What Makes a Great Content Writer

Keeping your digital channels full of fresh, on-brand content requires a great content writer. Often times this job is handed over to an intern (because she knows her way around social media) or an administrative assistant (because he’s got time between answering phone calls). We hate to see businesses fall into this trap. Finding someone … Continue Reading


One-Sided Communication Isn’t a Relationship, It’s Stalking

This article is part of the 7 Deadly Sins of Relationship-Based Marketing series. In the series, we’ll chronicle different online behaviors and practices that can ruin your business relationships. Some are subtle, and some not so much. If the success of your business relies on maintaining healthy relationships with current clients, prospects, or a network … Continue Reading


Columbus Marketing Agency PR Brigade Announces Name Change to Civilis Marketing

Digital marketing firm PR Brigade is pleased to announce its name change to Civilis Marketing. The new name better reflects the type of customized relationship-based marketing services the company provides to dynamic businesses across North America. Latin for “civilized,” Civilis represents an understanding that valuable business relationships require a human connection. President of Civilis Marketing, … Continue Reading


Quit Talking AT Potential Clients: Make Marketing Effective, Not Efficient

Advances in technology have helped make amazing strides in modern business relationships. Unfortunately, not all of its uses have been positive. There has been a trend toward the automation of customer interactions that have made them much less personal and meaningful. This is because technology can be used for two different (and often competing) purposes: efficiency and … Continue Reading


Marketing Automation: What Is It and Do I Need It?

Marketing automation is a big buzzword these days. It’s being touted as a silver bullet that can alleviate a myriad of marketing woes. The very term, Marketing Automation, could lead one to believe that marketing can, indeed, be automated. But wait, not so fast. Technically speaking, marketing automation is a type of technology that allows for the … Continue Reading